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The Tycoon Game Series

The Tycoon Game series has been created to immerse people in the act of building their own business in the virtual world.

It has been designed to take the player through the challenges of operating a successful business from the development of their business idea through to the execution of their business concept. The games will deliver a fun, engaging and competitive experience for individuals wanting to learn more about how to create and operate a successful business.

The Tycoon Games have been designed around the 10 core “Employability skills” required for the “Future of Jobs”, as identified by the World Economic Forum.

Featured Work

The Ski Industry

The Ski Industry has high turnover of staff which is very expensive to ensure that all new staff are up to speed in their roles and are compliant with the H&S standards. JBA have created multiple training courses that are immersive (3D, AR and VR) and take the employee through an immersive and fun experience to develop the necessary skills for their role on the mountain.

Here is an example of one of the Customer Service games. The staff get accreditations based on how well they play the game, which helps the managers of the ski resort identify who needs additional training.

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Health and Safety Games

Every business has a legal responsibility to ensure they provide H&S training to their staff. So why make it boring? We have created multiple H&S Immersive Games for companies that not only want to provide fun ways of learning the essential hazards in their business, but also want to ensure that their staff have much greater learning outcomes as well as being able to save considerable amounts of money in doing so.