What we are about

Effective learning happens when we are happy, relaxed and joyful. This is when the mind becomes open to receive information freely. JBA understands this by using fun and exciting digital experiences that elevate engagement and immersion, and deliver learning outcomes.

Experiential learning is enabled using carefully crafted simulations, virtual reality and game learning experiences that lead the way in disrupting traditional learning.

JBA supports our learning philosophies with full white label platform solutions to enable organisations to connect and deliver learning to their people.

We Believe ...

  • The success of a business is determined by the success of its people
  • Everyone has a right to valued employment, regardless of education, literacy or location
  • Current skills training methods are outdated and failing the business community - the standard education model needs to be disrupted
  • The potential of workers (and therefore businesses) is not being fully activated by current training methods
  • Immersive, engaging VR skills training delivers better learning outcomes faster and cheaper than traditional training methods
  • Doing enhances learning – practice makes perfect
  • Organisations should have the flexibility to choose how they deploy skills training
  • Technology cannot replace humans in skills training, but it can augment their performance and efficacy