James Coddington

"Every person on every continent has the potential to do something extraordinary with their lives."

- James Coddington, Founder

We believe that disrupting the status quo of education can be achieved at a fraction of the cost and resources that are currently available.

If you feel passionate about being part of something special where you get to impact people's lives with the work you do, then get in touch as we would love to hear your story.

We’re not like anyone else. And that’s the way we like it.

1. Authentic. We are what we say. Always – not just when it suits.

2. Honest. Even when its hard. Especially when its hard.

3. Trust. Always have each other's back.

4. Entrepreneurial. Fail hard. Fail fast. Keep learning.

5. Generous. In thought, spirit and attitude.

6. Focused. Prioritising the big wins.

7. Creative. Think differently.

8. Fun & quirky. Kiwi at heart.

9. Innovative. Leading our own industry.

10 .World class. If it’s not the best – then keep on pushing.

Our Teams

JBA’s mothership is in Auckland but we’re taking over Pakistan, Hong Kong and soon to be in Singapore.

We have tripled in size from just one year ago with no plans of slowing down. Our team is full of creative, innovative people who each bring their own special something to JBA. We’ve come from all walks of life with one common goal in mind: changing the way the world works. Pun intended.


Our Instructional Designers turn ideas into action. They take the wisdom of our industry thought leaders to produce insightful tailor made courses specific to the needs of current employers.


Our designers are the creative and passionate brand guardians of JBA - they take our crazy ideas and bring them to life.

Sales & Marketing

Every good team needs cheerleaders. Our sales & marketing team bring the voice and vision of JBA out into the community - giving momentum to our movement of alternative education.

Front-end dev

Our front-end developers are responsible for making our product look and feel amazing. Whether it’s our marketing site, platform or courses, they work to give our users the best experience possible.

Back-end dev

The back-end devs are the unsung heroes that keep JBA ticking. They manage our database, server, new web technology, web-language and framework. Matrix kinda stuff.


Our finance team manage the most exciting day of the week - payday. They also keep the money side of things rolling and ensure we keep growing as sustainably as possible.

Life at JBA

We’re fast-paced and fast-learners. We celebrate diversity, personality, growth and hard work. We celebrate the wins and learn from our lessons.

Work with great people.

We believe everyone has something to offer. At JBA, you’ll learn from exceptional people who are egoless, respectful, honest and constantly working to be the very best in their field.

Flexible working hours

We’ve trashed the traditional 9 to 5 in favour of a flexible work schedule that suits the way you work. Our team thrives on accountability and managing our own time.

Innovative environment

We keep busy in an open plan office in Newmarket, Auckland. Our space is creative, dynamic and the heart of our JBA machine.

We are currently hiring