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Ease the burden of upskilling your team in the essential human skills needed to progress in tomorrow’s world by using JBA’s immersive learning.

Corporate organisations recognize that their future lies in the next generation, yet employers are finding themselves continually challenged by the lack of human skills within their teams. This equates to lost productivity and time. JBA’s gamified business simulation courseware helps individuals learn faster and more effectively, leading to knowledge retention and the transfer of skills into real world scenarios.

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Real Journeys

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"We have a diverse workforce with our people representing 29 different countries. We have school leavers to those in semi-retirement and we operate in some of the remotest parts of NZ."

"Integrating the JBA platform into different aspects of the employee lifecycle allows us to ensure awareness is increased, key messaging is shared and learning outcomes are really impactful to individuals, teams and company performance."

In addition to JBA’s library of courses, Real Journeys has also used JBA to create fun and engaging H&S courses that not only deliver a superior learning outcome but are carried out in a much shorter time.

"I didn’t think it was possible to have a fun and engaging H&S course which people wanted to do, and were asking for more" Kevin Sharpe (Director or People and Talent at Real Journeys)