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There has always been a long-standing focus on formal qualifications within the education sector.

These qualifications are a necessary component between secondary and tertiary levels of education, meeting the traditional learning needs of our next generation. However, industry has become increasingly frustrated with the lack of employability skills, or essential human skills, in today’s workforce.

JBA have recognized that the education solution needs to meet this generation where they’re at - gamified business simulation courseware that is fun, engaging, competitive and the learning is transferable to real workplace scenarios.

Case Studies


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Competenz is one of New Zealand’s leading industry training organisations. They work with over 3,500 companies and 20,000+ learners in 36 industries around New Zealand each year to build skills, careers and businesses. Most learning takes place on-the-job. They partner with employers, apprentices, schools, training providers and assessors across the country to help Kiwis build skills, careers and businesses.

Competenz have partnered with JBA to create a complementary skills training program that sits alongside their traditional aptitudinal skills training.

They were looking for a platform that provided their employer partners with a tool that enabled them to upskill their workforce in a self paced environment.

"We are super excited to take JBA’s innovative and exciting platform to our thousands of employer partners to help them upskill their teams to better prepare for the future of their business"

Sarah Peldmanis (Commercial Manager for Competenz).