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Government organisations are constantly assessing and addressing the needs of the nation. There is an acknowledgement that a skills gap exists within our current workforce when transitioning from education to employment.

Education institutions may meet the learning needs of our current students, however, who is meeting the “employability”, or essential human skills needed for our future workforce? JBA, in partnership with leading Government organisations, have recognized that to teach the essential human skills of our current and future workforce, the education solution needs to meet this generation where they’re at. The solution is JBA’s gamified business simulation courseware that immerses the individual in a fun, engaging and educational game that helps bridge their skills gap from education to employment, and gives them the skills to be employed.

Case Studies

Work the seasons

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The website is designed to make it easier for seasonal workers to find the job they need and for employers to find the right person. Work the Seasons is supported by 13,500 seasonal employers who can post jobs, manage the recruitment process and offer essential skills training to their new and existing staff.

The platform was commissioned by MSD (Ministry of Social Development) to help solve the problem of filling the huge seasonal labour requirement throughout New Zealand, while also connecting the large seasonal workforce with multiple seasonal labour opportunities at the different times of the year.

Another goal has been to deliver job ready candidates to the employers by providing them short courses from the work the seasons platform to help them bridge their skills gap and be job ready.

"JBA has done a wonderful job in creating a platform that connects to our thousands of job seekers and made it super easy for our employers to post their jobs and manage the whole recruitment process" Amanda Nicole (National Manager Industry Partnerships, Client Service Delivery, Ministry of Social Development)

"We need to address skills and labour shortages and make opportunities like these more visible so we can support the type of labour market booms we have had recently in the Hawke's Bay, and attract and retain New Zealanders," said Minister Jackson (The Minister of Employment for New Zealand Government). "Anyone aged over 15 years and who is eligible to work in New Zealand (citizen, permanent resident or holder of a valid, current work visa) can register as a job seeker on the Working The Seasons website."