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JBA has a catalogue of learning experiences ready to upskill your organisation, as well as bespoke solutions tailored to meet the day to day challenges in developing your teams. Through game learning experiences, subject and content learning is woven through immersive game play. JBA offers strong analytics that provides rich data around how learners have progressed in the game and their overall learning outcomes.

Whatever the goals are for your organisation, we have a catalogue of gamified learning ready to be utilised or talk to us today if you have something specific in mind.


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Case Study

Tycoon Game Series
| Case Study

The challenge for many school leavers is the ability to apply skills in the real world once they have gained their qualifications. All too often, essential soft skills get overlooked as being a priority in career development and gaining employment.

JBA was founded on this challenge and continues to challenge and disrupt how awareness and skills are elevated to improve the future generations of the workforce.

The innovative Tycoon Games were designed to provide the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the business leadership world in the construction, hospitality and technology sectors. Each game also challenges the student's skills as valued by the world economic forum as being critical to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution. The challenge of running a business in each of the Tycoon Games starts at ideation and leads learners all the way through to see their business concept in action and acknowledges learners for demonstrating essential soft skills throughout the experience.

Creativity and out of the box thinking led JBA into pushing the boundaries further to increase the impact and engagement of learning for the Tycoon Games. JBA partnered up with other industry leaders Microsoft, Xero, Fletchers, BCITO and BDO to roll out the National Schools Competition. The competition attracted 61 schools throughout NZ with a hugely positive impact on the students that participated. One school incorporated the Tycoon Games into their Year 10 curriculum and after their students (380) played the game for an hour a week for 10 weeks they were then tested at year 13 level for business studies.

Initially targeted at young people 14 to 18 years of age to improve business acumen and targeted soft skills, the Tycoon Game Series has gained immense appeal. Since the launch of the Tycoon games, the concept has proven itself by receiving interest and demand from a broader demographic such as young professionals, and executive staff.