Minded 2.0

Minded is an online tool that helps people plan their life journey, choose the right career and prepare for the workplace.

We take the tools, techniques, insights and experiences found in high performance sport, senior executive teams and life coaching and blend them into digital learning experiences that embed the critical skills and capabilities needed to be successful in all aspects of life.

Many 21st century learners aren’t equipped to face a rapidly changing job market driven by automation. We want to change this, helping young people understand themselves, plan their future and get job ready.

Why should open minds meet closed doors?

Minded and Joy Business Academy

In 2016, a group of New Zealand’s most forward thinking and innovative educators, sportspeople and business leaders sat down to address a key issue they identified.

Many 21st century learners aren’t equipped to face a rapidly changing job market driven by automation.

For employees to succeed in a modern workforce, this job market demands a critical set of ‘soft skills’ or what we like to call ‘employability skills’ - but who is equipping our learners with these skills?

At the same time, Joy Business Academy, based in Auckland, New Zealand, were building their own set of online courses aimed at educating learners in fun, engaging ways. While Minded’s focus was to develop self-reflection and ‘soft skills’, JBA were passionate about gamifying learning, building learning experiences that would develop and test real-world expertise.

In 2018 Joy Business Academy acquired Minded, with the goal of combining the Minded pathway with JBA’s suite of immersive learning experiences.

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By combining the two, learners now have access to a new Minded platform, offering a far more comprehensive learning opportunity. Using the self-reflection involved with Minded modules and the real-world skills developed by completing JBA’s courses, learners can discover who they are, where they want to go AND how to get there.

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On 1st February, we are launching our exciting new platform, combining the best of Joy Business Academy with the best of Minded. This new platform is easy to use and jam packed with new features:

  • Initiate class discussions via a teacher moderated forum
  • Access recommended subjects and career pathways for each learner based on their hexagon results
  • Access a host of extra engaging educational courses searchable by keyword
  • Track learners’ progress as they complete modules and courses
  • Adding users is as simple as sharing a website link
  • Sort students into groups and factions for easy management
  • Create an individual access portal branded to your institution
  • Take notes within the platform as you complete courses and modules
  • Courses and modules are continually added and upgraded
  • Diversity of written, visual and interactive content delivers messages multiple ways, supporting the different ways people prefer to receive information

The New Minded Pathway:

minded pathway

The new platform is totally free if you already have an account with Minded and we can move your school across in no time!

The Pathway Minded advantage:

  • Having a tailored pathway gives meaning and purpose to learning
  • Awareness of strengths and weaknesses in oneself and others supports more productive relationships at school, work and home
  • Having a well defined career plan provides clarity on subject selection and what’s needed to prepare for the future
  • Time and money is no longer wasted on pursuing arbitrary study choices and career paths
  • Graduates with strong employability skills are more attractive to employers and better prepared for the jobs of the future
  • When you love what you do, you are happier at work, more engaged and perform better