JBA is leading the way in gamified business simulation learning, partnering with government, corporate and educational institutions to empower every team with the humanification skills of tomorrow.

JBA have developed an end to end online platform that focuses on the aspects of learning and employment that are scalable. The adaptive technology utilises gamified learning, improving retention and accurately identifying and bridging the skills gap required for on going training. This provides visibility between the role and what skills are required to fulfil the role to a high standard.

Popular Features our customers love

Assign Learning Groups

Create different learning groups for your organisation and assign specific courses to that group.

Reporting Tools

See the status of all activities in your platform including course completions, learning progress, employee/learner profile etc.

Live Video Interview / Webinar

Setup online video interviews or webinar sessions directly with learner/employee on the JBA platform.

User Profile & Micro-Credentials

JBA’s online micro-credentials allows users to showcase their new found skills and learning progress in a dynamic format.


The JBA skill gap bar visually represents a user’s suitability for a job position and shows them exactly what to improve on in order to enhance their application.

Upload Documents And Videos

JBA’s platform allows for the ability to upload documents and resources to share with your team. This allows for a seamless learning experience.

Self-assessments Tools

A vital tool that helps the learner/employee to better understand their character profile, industry fit and company culture fit.

Learning Library

JBA offers a library of quick, interactive and engaging courses in attitudinal and aptitudinal skills to assist in upskilling users in the essential human skills of tomorrow.

Enterprise Solution

Government platform image

Create a customised version of the JBA platform to fit your company. Gain a better understanding of your talent and provide your team visibility of internal career opportunities. Keep track of your team’s progression as they complete online courses and upskill themselves in the essential human skills required for their next position within your organisation.

Whether used as an internal or external technology platform, the Enterprise Solution is a great tool to ensure your team are prepared for the future workforce and to ensure you can maximise the growth of your business. The Enterprise solution includes integration into your existing CRM or HR systems, along with any other existing courses you may already have. The solution will be tailored to your businesses needs, guaranteed!

Employers are increasingly challenged by the lack of essential human skills inherent in today’s workforce. But how do you learn skills like critical thinking, creativity, and complex problem solving unless you’re immersed in a situation that challenges you on the spot?

JBA’s solution allows you to immerse your team in “gamified” business simulation courseware, utilising AR, VR and 3D. Why gamified? Because it’s fun, engaging, competitive and the learning is transferable to real world scenarios.

JBA Library of Courses