JBA has developed an end to end online platform that focuses on the aspects of learning and employment that are scalable. The adaptive technology combines game learning experiences, with the smarts to accurately identify industry fit, skills gaps and upskilling opportunities for learners and employers. This provides visibility between the role and the skills required to fulfil the role to a high standard.

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Inform and update users with live feeds.

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Education New Zealand (ENZ) is a crown entity that takes the lead in marketing New Zealand’s education industry around the world. International education delivers social, cultural and economic benefits to New Zealand.

To support the growth of international education, ENZ promotes New Zealand as a study destination for international students. As part of this, ENZ values fostering relationships and ongoing education of education agents, which bear the responsibility of placing international students in an offshore destination best suited to their needs.

The primary aim of AgentLab is to elevate the quality of education for education agents so as to attract high-quality students by having Education Agents accurately and actively promote New Zealand to international students.

The AgentLab platform creates this by using game learning experiences, newsfeeds, live video and file hosting to ensure that learning, news, trends, and policies become widespread for education agents around the world. This solution enables ENZ to ensure that it’s easy for education agents to accurately promote New Zealand with up to date and relevant information.

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