What is JBA?

JBA creates gamified business-simulation courseware, bespoke courses, and complete ready-to-go learning solutions that deliver to your organisation’s needs.

The goal of our learning is to teach the essential human skills required for the 4th Industrial Revolution, as recognized by the World Economic Forum, in a fun, immersive and gamified way.

Gone are the days of learning by remembering facts, concepts and stats. Real learning occurs when you understand and apply concepts and ideas in an engaging and immersive environment.

That's why JBA works

Learn how you're meant to, by doing.

Business simulation and immersive learning delivers at close to 98% knowledge retention and application. How? Simply because it’s fun, engaging and competitive. JBA has adopted the behavioural psychology innate to the world of gaming and inter-woven that into education.

We've analysed the needs of thousands of employers and created immersive, deep learning solutions for employees that enables them to develop the essential human skills of tomorrow, today.

To be fully immersed in your learning experience, that's JBA.